Support a child's future.

The Annual Fund supplements annual expenses and priorities not covered by tuition. Your donation supports all aspects of Mizzentop, including classroom supplies, educational technology, and extracurricular activities.


Your gift today will...

  • Keep our classrooms vibrant
  • Keep our campus safe
  • Support our faculty
  • Strengthen our community


At Mizzentop, children are free to be themselves. Our teachers tap students' creative, intellectual, and physical energy to get them out of their seats and into the world. They’re engineers and artists and explorers and anything else they want to be - because at Mizzentop, students know that success isn’t just about getting good grades: it’s about discovering all of the wonderful possibilities of what they can become.

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Our classrooms are filled with laughter, chatter, and curiosity as students share the excitement of a funny book or a new adventure with their teacher. Your gift will support the joy of learning by allowing us to purchase new materials and equipment.


Mizzentop's facility offers a balance of structured seating and free thinking spaces. Your support will help us maintain and grow our initiatives to bring learning into the 21st century.


Your gift will empower our community of movie makers and musicians, software engineers and game designers, athletes and future Olympians - all of whom are taking their first steps in a safe and nurturing environment.


Our students don't just learn from their teachers - they learn from each other. Financial aid is our most important tool for building the strongest student body and school community possible.


Hear it from our graduates...

From the moment they arrive on campus, students find themselves surrounded by caring, thoughtful peers and adults.

Classes at Mizzentop collide and feed off one another. It's a place where you learn to look at the world through a new perspective.

I remember how the atmosphere at Mizzentop was so special. The teachers really cared about us. I really miss that.

I carry Mizzentop's Living Values with me every day. They guide and help me  know what to do, what to say, and who I am.