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You have to see it for yourself.

Every aspect of our curriculum promotes our students' growth as independent thinkers, curious learners, and mindful citizens. Children get out of their seats and into the world as they explore the world around them, all with the help with our kind and knowledgable faculty.

  • Dedicated Faculty

  • Values-based Community

  • Inspired Curriculum

This is where your child's journey begins.


At Mizzentop, children are free to be themselves. Our teachers tap students' creative, intellectual, and physical energy to get them out of their seats and into the world. They’re engineers and artists and explorers and anything else they want to be - because at Mizzentop, students know that success isn’t just about getting good grades: it’s about discovering all of the wonderful possibilities of what they can become.

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Love and respect are the common language here. Learning excites the mind and sparks new ideas through our connected curriculum and culture of Living Values. At Mizzentop, the courage to speak, to dream, and to create becomes a way of life.


We take you seriously as thinkers and as explorers. We believe your ideas matter. In small class sizes with lots of individual attention, you’ll get an education that’s about connecting and comprehending - not memorizing and reciting.


Hear it from our graduates...

From the moment they arrive on campus, students find themselves surrounded by caring, thoughtful peers and adults.

Classes at Mizzentop collide and feed off one another. It's a place where you learn to look at the world through a new perspective.

I remember how the atmosphere at Mizzentop was so special. The teachers really cared about us. I really miss that.

I carry Mizzentop's Living Values with me every day. They guide and help me  know what to do, what to say, and who I am.