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The Impact of the UNICEF Living Values Education Program

We are proud to be one of the few day schools in the area to have integrated the UNICEF Living Values Education Program into our curriculum. We know that it is critical to engage a child’s heart and mind in their educational experience, and the Living Values program helps us do that, every day, for every child.

Why we Love the Living Values Program

Our students and faculty reflect daily on the values, motives, and choices they make and those that are made by their community members. The Living Values Program provides us with the best possible structure and tools to create and maintain the learning environment that makes that reflection possible, nurtures it, and ensures that it is ongoing.

The values-based environment we strive to create every day:

  • Provides a safe environment for students to be honest and curious
  • Helps our children feel valued, respected and understood
  • Enhances academic and emotional development

Evidence-based results from around the globe give us confidence that we’re helping our children build a better foundation for a happy, healthy, productive life.

Students participating in the Living Values Program become more diligent in their approach to education without becoming stressed out. Students and teachers form stronger bonds. And parents become more active in the day-to-day education of their children.

The program does not attempt to teach students what values to hold or what to believe. Its goal is to teach them how to think critically and to develop their own moral code, based on what they experience every day at school, how they see their teachers and peers behaving, and having an understanding of their own place in the world.

We are part of a Worldwide Change

The LIving Values approach to education is gaining wide acceptance. To date it is being used in more than 8,000 educational settings in 80 countries.

That means that all across the globe there are educators modeling powerful values for students every day. New curriculum and classroom activities are being produced to support the ongoing evolution of the program. And our teachers increasingly have opportunities to participate in high-quality continuing education that focuses on the Living Values Program.

How it works

Very simply, classrooms explore real-world values through news, games and the use of other tools. They reflect on what they’ve learned and actively seek out new information. They then share what they’ve experienced through storytelling and other collaborative exercises.

This approach encourages the exploration of ideas and the development of the social, emotional and interpersonal skills that students need in order to transfer what they learn into the values by which they live their lives.

The simple goals of this program include:

  • Giving students the skills to reflect on and think critically about how societal values impact the world
  • Helping students better understand the impact of their choices on the world
  • Inspiring students to make the best choices for them and their communities
  • Encouraging researchers, teachers and caregivers to consider education from its broadest perspective which must include a personal philosophy that they are committed to and live their lives by.

We’re honored to be able to offer our students such an enriching and life-changing learning environment.


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